The Beauty of Undyed

The Beauty of Undyed

Our undyed cashmere collection celebrates cashmere in its purest form - uncomplicated by colour and allowing the natural characteristics of the fibre to speak for themselves.

Cashmere naturally occurs in three colours – white, grey, and brown - and we have worked with all three to create our undyed capsule of knitted accessories. Working with the same fibre spec for over 70 years, our raw cashmere fibre is sourced to very precise standards. Fibres are selected for their purity of colour, long length, and fine micron. 

Undyed white cashmere fibreWhite Cashmere fibre being inspected at our mill.

Our undyed cashmere is minimally processed through our mill with only the essential stages of production applied – washing, carding, spinning, and twisting, before being knitted into our collection. By withdrawing the process of dying we completely remove the use of chemicals & dyestuffs, as well as reducing energy use. This allows us to retain the naturally pure colour and soft handle that is so intrinsic to cashmere.

Undyed CashmereCashmere fibre at the start of the carding process.

Another essential ingredient in the mix is water. We borrow a never-ending supply of pure soft water from Loch Leven which helps to maintain the integrity of the fibres throughout the production process. The initial step in crafting our undyed cashmere sees the fibre simply being washed in water.

Pure soft water from Loch LevenWater from Loch Leven is used throughout our production.

You can find our undyed cashmere featured in three staple pieces across our collection, each specially developed to capture the cloud like wonder of a bale of cashmere fibre. All produced from 100% Undyed Cashmere and knitted in Scotland.


Bower Travel Blanket in White Undyed

A softly textured stitch adds volume to this 6-ply knit. The Bower Blanket in White Undyed is a timeless piece to cocoon yourself in over winter - lightweight yet dense, it is versatile enough to use at home or to take with you on your travels.


1867 Classic Cashmere Scarf in Brown Undyed


A firm favourite of ours, this perfect neutral shade in our 1867 Classic Cashmere Scarf will become the ultimate go-to piece in your wardrobe. 


Ripple Cable Scarf in Light Grey Natural

The gentle undulations of this feather like cable work in harmony with the undyed cashmere. Wear simply as an elegant and comforting statement piece.