Cashmere Care Guide

Follow our expert cashmere care tips to prolong the life of your purchase.

Washing Cashmere

Washing cashmere is very straight forward. Please follow our handy washing guide.

How to Wash Cashmere

Cashmere Pilling

Todd & Duncan yarn is renowned for it’s optimum pilling performance throughout the life of our knitted items, but this natural characteristic of cashmere can still occur during the early stages of wear.

Small balls of fibre (pills) may form on the surface of your item – this can be quite normal and is the result of short cashmere fibres entangling during wear and working their way to the surface of the knit.

If this occurs, we recommend washing your piece and these pills should naturally fall-off during the washing process.

Storage & Moth Prevention

Moth attacks tend to occur during the summer period when your cashmere is stored away, and there is a higher tendency for moths to attack items that have not been washed prior to storage.

In order to minimise the threat of moths it is recommended to wash your cashmere item using our guide above, and place in the cotton bag and/or storage box provided with your purchase.

Placing lavender or a cedar wood balls in the storage box will also act as a moth deterrent.