Our Story

The colour, knit and design archive at Lochleven Mill gives us an incredible source of inspiration. However, the past is just one starting point in creating timeless Cashmere pieces.

A playground of colour and texture
The first Todd & Duncan accessories collection is born from the colours and textures that surround the design team at Lochleven Mill – combined with our deep understanding of cashmere and how this remarkable material can best be brought to life.Β 

Led by our yarn
Our cashmere yarn is not simply a part of each piece – it’s the reason for each piece to exist. The only way to really understand is to hold it between your fingers – and experience the famous Scottish handle. Soft, yes – but something far more. It is a yarn which only gets better with age, challenging us to explore its texture, form and legendary lightness.

Our collections: knitted here in Lochleven.
Although we love woven cashmere, we want to show the detail and precision that only comes from generations of knitting expertise. You can see the difference in every stitch and finishing detail of every piece – a true living heritage.

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