Our Story

We are Todd & Duncan – we have been pursuing the craft of colour since 1867. Every Cashmere piece in our collection has a direct link back to the ingenuity and skill of those who came before us. 

Today, the world’s leading fashion houses and knitwear manufacturers trust us to supply the very finest cashmere yarn. It’s the same yarn, skill and experience we use to realise every Todd & Duncan piece, right here in Scotland.

Born in Alva. Raised by Loch Leven. 
William Todd and James Duncan started our story over 150 years ago, when they set up their textile mill in Alva. As our reputation grew along with our order book, so did our need for soft, pure water. And so we moved 18 miles east, to the banks of Loch Leven. The loch has been a part of the craft of cashmere ever since.

The perfect cashmere yarn
On a trip to India in the late 1800s, Joseph Dawson witnessed workers carefully separating fine cashmere fibres from coarse hairs. He instantly knew this wonderful material would be his future. On his return, Dawson and Todd & Duncan joined forces to perfect the craft of lightweight, single-ply cashmere for knitwear. The business never looked back.

The heart of Scotland’s cashmere story
Scotland is famous for its cashmere. And the textile industry wouldn’t be the same without the innovations of our founders. You simply can’t create exceptional cashmere pieces unless you start where we do – with the creation of exceptional cashmere yarn.


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