Our Story

We can trace every Todd & Duncan garment back to the people who painstakingly sort and separate the raw fibre – predominantly in Inner Mongolia. This crucial work takes place long before the fibre is dyed, spun and knitted here in Scotland.

Working towards certified sustainability
It’s particularly hard to trace cashmere yarn back to the nomadic farmers who tend the goats. Hard, but not impossible: we hope to have sustainable sources for all our cashmere fibre by 2025.

Good for all
Along with our fibre suppliers, we work to assure the welfare of goat farmers, their communities and their herds – as well as the environment. And thousands of miles away at Lochleven Mill, we are the largest employer in our community, often supporting many generations of each family.

From loch to dye to loch 
We draw our water for washing and dying from Loch Leven, an internationally important RSPB Nature Reserve. We clean all the water we borrow before returning it to the loch, to protect the brown trout, pink-footed geese and 35,000 wintering birds that make the loch their home.

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