Our Story

We perfected the art of Cashmere yarn right here at Lochleven Mill. Care and craft take time – time that creates a yarn like no other.

The craft of colour starts with pure water
Loch Leven’s soft, pure water opens up the fibres in our yarn, creating beautifully consistent colours when we dye the fibre. Every Todd & Duncan accessory is slowly crafted from yarn that is dyed before it is spun – for exceptional colour and feel.

The ultimate expression of the ultimate yarn
Nobody understands our yarn like we do. We know the best way to treat it and work with it. This makes our pieces the true expression of a centuries-old craft, passed from one generation to the next.

Spun, designed and knitted in Scotland

Every piece in our collection is designed at Lochleven Mill. Just as every fibre in every Todd & Duncan piece is washed, blended, then spun by us – before being knitted and finished by a small, skillful team right here in Scotland. This is how we create the consistently exceptional.  

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